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The difference between answer and solution

What is the difference between answer and solution


The difference between answer and solution
The difference between answer and solution

Definition: Answer, Solution
Antonyms: question, question, perplexity, question, trouble

Solution: The way or method to solve the problem, the solution can only be steps
Answer: something done, said or written in response to any question.


We get solutions to problems, answers to problems.

You are stuck in a traffic jam and you choose to get out of your car and walk home. This is the solution.

You’re going to a bar and you might be lost. When you ask for directions, the other person replies “Turn left and right then go straight”. That’s the answer.

I answered your question, and if you try to explain it to a kid who asked you this question and created a tough question for you, this explanation will serve as your solution.


A method or process for solving any problems.

Answers or dispositions to questions.
law. The payment or discharge of a claim or debt.
The act of separating or breaking up; dissolving.


According to me, this is a one-line answer,

This is the same as checksum checkmate in chess.

So having an answer to a question doesn’t mean your answer will definitely solve the problem.

Solving a problem means that you have logically approached the problem and reached an optimal solution.

Problem solving means you have to own the problem.

Having an answer may not solve the problem. Knowledge is only valuable when you solve your own problems.

For example, one of my thousands of jobs was preparing a manual for the owner of a high school in the sand to maintain erosion control best management practices. The principal told me he was not the owner. So, I told Indiana the news.

Indiana said to prepare a handbook for the board of education at that high school in Gary, Indiana. I did, and the board put the head in charge of erosion control.

Ten days later, a horrific rain washed his sand onto a nearby owner’s property. The principal is not responsible for erosion. The state slapped the board of education with huge fines to address the fiasco.

In the end, the state wins and the school loses. Education is in the manual, and determination to solve problems has never been there.

Sad but true. The same plot plays out at a new charter school. School is the worst offender for self-education in my business.


Is the solution the answer to the problem?

Many times the solution to a real-life problem exists in a different domain than the problem.

Problems do invite us to propose solutions. But these solutions sometimes answer completely different questions than the ones we originally associated with this question.

Often, it is important to leave the world of problems in order to come up with valuable and sustainable solutions. The same goes for innovation and changing our lives.

I wrote a book on how to use a solution-centered approach for self-direction. This whole book is about how we can use problems to reach our potential. I’ve talked about this relationship/non-relationship between the problem and the solution many times.


In the solution, we also write the calculation, and in the end we have the answer, but the answer is the end result of the solution.

How do you answer a question if it has already been answered?

We live in a diverse world, which means that almost any question has any amazing possible answer. I read Quora because of the diversity of opinions, not any one answer.

I read many other answers before writing my own, and only write one myself when I see that I can provide new perspective or information that I haven’t shared.


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