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The epic Paradise Lost and John Milton

The epic Paradise Lost and John Milton

John Milton, one of the greatest poets of English literature, was born on December 9, 1608 in Bread Street, London, England. He is one of the most important and influential poets in English literature. Many people think that it is the place after Shakespeare. As a schoolboy, Milton studied Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and literature in addition to his regular studies.

The epic Paradise Lost and John Milton
The epic Paradise Lost and John Milton

At the same time, he started practicing poetry. His first poem was published in 1626 while studying at college. His most famous and darkest creation is the epic Paradise Lost. Apart from this, the notable works written by him are: Poems Lycidus, Paradise Regent, Samson Eniste, La Allegra, Poem Comus, Prose Works of Education, Areopoetica are particularly notable.

The epic poem Paradise Lost has remained at the center of English literary criticism from Milton’s time to the present day. Between 1658 and 1664 Milton wrote his epic poem Paradise Lost. Based on the biblical story, this epic poem was published in 1667. He is a great example of how people can overcome all obstacles in life and become great. He was blind and poor at that time.

The epic highlights the frustrations and failures of his own life, while at the same time expressing optimism about the latent human potential. The epic Paradise Lost is one of the greatest treasures not only of English literature but also of world literature. The epic, written in blank verse, has been subject to widespread religious criticism ever since. He has presented the roles of God and Satan differently there.

Which gave rise to one of the greatest literary debates in history. It was later published in ten volumes in 1667. After the publication, he was discussed and criticized worldwide. As a result, Paradise Regained, the next part of Paradise Lost, was published in 1671. It is not less discussed. It too has received classic status.
In 1642 the civil war started in England. At that time Milton began to write his best literary works. His Areopagitica caused a great stir on the freedom of the press.

Milton wrote The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates in 1649. In this book, the tragic end of the king has been highlighted. He wanted to represent the country that the people are the all-powerful.
In 1642, when the civil war broke out in England due to disagreements between Parliament and the King, Milton began writing prose in support of Parliament. At this time, his Areopagitica (1644), written on the freedom of the press, caused a stir. After the Civil War, when King Charles I of England was executed, Milton wrote the famous political pamphlet Kings and Magistrates (1649).

Highlighting the tragic end of the king, he said that the people have the supreme power of the country. Milton was then appointed Secretary of State for Foreign Languages ​​by Cromwell’s Council of State. In 1651 he joined the editor-in-chief of Mercurius Polilicus, published by the Commonwealth News Paper.

1608–1674 John Milton was a seventeenth-century English poet, prose writer, and civil servant of the English Commonwealth. Milton’s contribution to the welfare of various social and literary journals remains unbroken even in the twenty-first century.

Milton’s life has been extensively researched since his death. John Milton, one of the great poets of English and world literature, died in London on November 8, 1674.

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