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Pooja Cherry is not going to USA for now

Pooja Cherry is not going to USA for now

Pooja Cherry is not going to USA for now
Pooja Cherry is not going to USA for now

Dhallywood is hot recently with actor Shakib Khan and actress Shabnam Bubli. There are many rumors and rumors about marriage, children and divorce. Along with this pair, the name of Pooja Cheri, the heroine of this generation of Dhallywood, is being heard in different circles. They are also married. Rumors in the air, Pooja is in a relationship with Shakib Khan! However, the authenticity of the rumor could not be confirmed.

Due to these reasons, Dhallywood actor Shakib Khan has decided not to go to America. Now it is heard that Pooja Cheri is not going to America. Pooja Cheri said this in a media recently.

In this regard, Pooja Cheri said, ‘It is now a new issue. What is being said is not correct. Just rumours. I don’t understand how many more rumors there will be. At that time, my shooting work here fell. For this reason I have decided not to go for now. Nothing more.’

Pooja also said that a new OTT platform journey will begin with the web film I am doing called ‘Pari’. Of course I have to be there. If not, it will be unfair. I will have a photo shoot in a few days as part of the promotion of the web film. Apart from that, before the inauguration of the OTT, a function is scheduled to be held around October 16 or 17. I have to be there. All in all, I am not going to the United States now.

But after Shakib, Pooja’s sudden decision not to go to the US is viewed differently by many in the film industry. They say Shakib is not going, that’s why Pooja is not going to US.

It should be noted that actress Pooja Cherry got a five-year visa in the United States at the beginning of this month. The Dhallywood Film and Music Awards will be held at Amazura Concert Hall in Queens on Sunday (October 16). Pooja was supposed to participate in that event. Shakib Khan was also supposed to participate in this event. However, at the beginning of this month, Shakib Khan said that he will not go to the United States. Pooja also said that he will not go to the United States in tune with Shakib.


My daughter is small : Pooja Cheri’s mother

A few days ago in the showbiz arena, there was a discussion about the released movies. The audience was engrossed in ‘Paraan’, ‘Din: The Day’ and ‘Hawa’. But recently Shakib-Bubli and Pooja Cheri are in discussion. Rumors of marriage, separation and new love are their names. The name of director Raihan Rafi and actress Tama Mirza are also there. So what is happening in Dhaliwoodpara, the question is now on the face of many.

Recently there were rumors that actress Shabnam Bubli broke up with actor Shakib Khan 8 months ago. Although Bubli’s clear statement on this matter, the matter of separation is not true. These are rumors and they are spread by someone on purpose.

Pooja Cheri’s wedding news has raised its head amid rumors of Shakib-Bubli separation! Shakib and Pooja got married on 22nd of last month. Not only that, Pooja also converted after marriage. However, no comment was received from Shakib-Pooja on the matter.

Pooja Cheri’s mother Jharna Roy spoke to the media about the matter.

He commented, ‘Please let my daughter live. The way people are publishing news about him, his mental condition is very bad. My daughter is small, just crying all the time. We are trying to convince him all the time but to no avail. I can’t make her feel better in any way. Because of these words, the rest of the family is not well.

Jharna Roy also said, ‘Pooja is mentally broken. Any time an accident can happen – we are afraid of this. I am always by his side as a mother. Believes that love and marriage are all lies. People are having fun telling lies like this. What is our condition due to these news – has anyone ever thought. So I say to everyone with folded hands – my daughter is small, please let her live.

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