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Mbappe is an ‘orphan’ without Messi-Neymar

Mbappe is an ‘orphan’ without Messi-Neymar

Mbappe is an 'orphan' without Messi-Neymar

It was already known that Lionel Messi would not be there. Neymar was also not in the starting eleven against Rays. Kylian Mbappe was joined by Pablo Sarabia and Carlos Sol in attack. However, without the two best stars of the team, PSG suffered from the beginning in the opponent’s field. Mbappe could not single-handedly make the difference in the match.

Neymar came as a substitute in the 57th minute of the match. However, Christophe Gaultier’s team did not see a goal. Meanwhile, the misery increased in the 41st minute when Sergio Ramos saw a red card and left the field.

All in all, it has been a bad day for PSG. Galtier said, Mbappe became an “orphan” without two partners Messi and Neymar in the eleven.

The PSG-trio is in great shape recently. These three are spreading light in match after match. PSG’s dependence on these three is now very high.

On the impact of Messi-Neymar’s absence against the race, PSG coach Galtier said, “When Messi and Neymar don’t play, of course our style of play changes. Where the ball is lost and the opponent has to be bumped a few times and it gives confidence to the opponent too.’

Despite the rhythm, since the beginning of the season, there have been reports of conflict between the PSG-trio. But how dependent these three are on each other on the field was evident in last night’s match against Rays. Mbappe on the field missed two teammates like orphans.

Galtier said, “Without Messi and Neymar, Kylian Mbappe seems like an orphan to me. Although I thought that would change with time. Neymar was absent from the start of the match; Because, recently he has played a lot.

Galtier also thinks that the style of the game has changed after Neymar entered the field, “After Neymar entered the field, we saw how good their understanding is.” Due to this, even after playing with 10 men, our performance in the second half was much better.

On this day, in the 41st minute, Ramos got a red card and left the field after arguing with the referee, which made PSG more cornered in the match. But at the end of the match, Ramos found coach Galtier by his side, ‘I don’t know whether he (Ramos) was wrong here or not. It is not a cultural problem, but a linguistic problem in football. I’m sure Sergio didn’t say anything to insult the referee.’



How much can Mbappe be demand for?

How much can Mbappe be demand for?

Kylian Mbappe has been at the center of the transfer debate over the last two summers. PSG desperately kept hold of the French striker twice. Real Madrid tried hard but could not sign Mbappe in the end. Frustrated, the most successful club in European football had to give up hope of getting the French striker.

PSG signed a new three-year contract with Mbappe last May to prevent him from going to Real. At that time, it seemed that the Mbappe-talk about the change of party was over.

Who knew that Mbappe’s transfer would be, as Rabindranath Tagore’s short story defines it, ‘over and over.’ Mbappe’s relationship with PSG has become estranged five months before his contract renewal. According to European media, Mbappe wants to leave Paris in January. However, PSG believes that the matter has been brought forward to keep the club under pressure.

PSG has also given conditions for Mbappe to leave the club as a counter-pressure strategy. Mbappe’s new club will never be Real Madrid. In this case, the name of Liverpool is pronounced. Mbappe himself confirmed that he had talked with Liverpool as well as Real in the last transfer. The World Cup winning star also said that his mother has a special interest in the English club.

However, the big obstacle for Liverpool to buy Mbappe could be the high price. A PSG source told British newspaper The Telegraph that the club believed Mbappe was worth £263-306 million (around €350 million).
If a club agrees to buy Mbappe at this price now, that club will have to set a new world record over Neymar’s 198 million pounds. Neymar came to PSG from Barcelona for a world record in 2017.

Another source says that Mbappe himself now regrets his decision to stay at PSG. The 23-year-old forward said he made a mistake by staying at PSG.

Mbappe is not satisfied with his role not only off the field but also on the field. Conflict with Neymar, not having a good understanding with the coach. All in all, the French star made it clear a few days ago during the international break that he is not happy. He said he got more freedom for the national team than for PSG.

Now Mbappe’s claim to want to leave the club is seen as a strategy to strengthen his position in PSG. But is it really a trick or does this star really want to find his address elsewhere, only time will tell.

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