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Calling the teacher ‘characterless’ without investigation!

The letter of the ministry calling the teacher ‘characterless’ without investigation!

It has been alleged that the technical wing of the Ministry of Education has given a letter to a teacher of Barisal Technical School and College, calling her characterless and dishonest, without any investigation.

Such objectionable comments were made in the letter signed by Muhammad Abdus Salam, Deputy Secretary of Technical and Madrasa Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Along with that, instructions have been given in that letter to investigate and transfer the teacher to another place.

The ministry issued the letter last Monday following the complaint of a person named Anwar Hossain. Zakir Hossain, principal of Barisal Technical School and College, said that he received the letter from the ministry on Wednesday.

However, in the letter, the complainant is mentioned as a part-time teacher of Barisal Technical School and College, but there is no teacher in that name in the institution, the authorities said.

Meanwhile, Principal Zakir Hossain held an emergency meeting of the academic council of the college after receiving the letter. All the teachers of the college condemned such instructions in that meeting. At the same time, they changed the letter and demanded quick correction.

Principal Zakir Hossain said that in the letter signed by the deputy secretary, a teacher of his institution was called characterless and dishonest; Which is absolutely reprehensible. The language used in the letter was offensive. There is no teacher named in the letter as the complainant in his institution.

He also said that it is never desirable for the ministry to refer to that teacher as characterless and dishonest in the letter. The ministry has no right to denigrate a teacher on frivolous allegations. Therefore, we condemned it by holding an emergency meeting of the academic council and demanded that the letter be amended.

Muhammad Abdus Salam, deputy secretary of technical and madrasa education department of the Ministry of Education, who signed the letter, said that a person named Anwar Hossain accused the teacher of being characterless and dishonest. We have written to the DG office to investigate his complaint. In that letter I have written ‘dishonest and characterless’ while mentioning the complaint of the complainant. It is not our language, but the language of the complainant.

When asked to know the identity of the complainant, he said, the name of a part-time teacher of Barisal Technical School and College named Anwar Hossain is mentioned in the complaint. Nothing more.

Asked if it was okay to make such offensive comments about a teacher without an investigation, the deputy secretary said, “If it is, we will correct it.”

In this regard, the aggrieved teacher said that when a complaint against a teacher is investigated, the letter mentions that the complaint of the complainant is subject to investigation and action is taken. No letter ever mentions what the complainant wrote. However, the letter issued by the Ministry; They directly declared me characterless and dishonest. I have also been instructed to transfer to another place regarding the letter issued. The matter is premeditated.

As the reason, he said, none of the teachers, teachers or employees of Barisal Technical School and College know the complainant. But he has been introduced as a part-time teacher of the same institution. The ministry should have discussed with the head of the institution before issuing the letter. I will make a written complaint to the Education Minister in this regard. – Jugantor

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