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10 tips to look beautiful without makeup

10 tips to look beautiful without makeup

You can look beautiful without makeup if you follow some routines. A healthy body, a toned figure and a healthy skin – there is no need for a foundation-compact. Light kajal and muted lip gloss are enough. Know how to make yourself beautiful without makeup-

1) Sleep 8 hours daily. Only when the body is properly rested will the digestion be good, the bowels will be clean and the skin will be glowing. If sleep is less, eye pockets will be formed, various rashes will appear on the face. Then make up to cover them up.

2) Must bathe well with soap once a day in winter and twice a day in summer. If you scrub your face and body once a week, then your skin will be clean.

3) Drinking lemon juice mixed with a cup of water every morning will remove toxins from the body and brighten the skin.

4) Nutritious balanced diet is the key to beautiful skin. The more you stay away from fried food, fast food, junk food, spicy food, etc., the better your skin will be.

5) The bad habit of touching the mouth for no reason should be given up. How many different places do we put our hands throughout the day? Therefore, the hands contain the most germs and every time they are touched, they are spread on the skin of the face.

6) D-Tan pollution facial should be done once in two months. It also cleans the deep-seated dust particles and the skin looks naturally radiant.

7) Do not use soap or body wash while washing the face. Just wash your face with face wash. Do not clean your face by rubbing with a wipe. And after washing the face, wipe it lightly with a towel.

8) Cleansing-toning-moisturizing must be done every night before going to bed. If you follow these three steps daily, no dirt can accumulate on the skin. Also, take off your makeup well before going to bed and sleep only then.

9) Must apply night cream before going to bed at night. After sleeping with the cream on your face overnight, you will wake up in the morning with moist and soft skin. People who follow this rule are delayed in the onset of wrinkles.

10) Hair massage should be done occasionally. The skin of the face often shows small pimple-like rashes that are due to dandruff. It will not happen if the root of the hair is clean. Moreover, if the hair is good, it will not only match the beautiful face but also increase the beauty. Source: Abella

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